Kuala Lumpur ~Jungle walk & chat with a dear friend & sweet Eddie, the dog. If only the mozzies didn’t like me so much!

Chronicling photos taken in daily life in Kuala Lumpur ~
When Fear Swallows Love Whole…Don’t Run.
List of Essentials: Are you doing what makes you come alive?

Sometimes I want to bury my head in flowers,
until I feel no more, no less.
And stay like that, eyes-closed,
a hundred years. 
Inhale the pollinated nothingness,
where I’m neither the center nor the end of me. 
Where every mouth is full of petals 
and we get kissed by bees. 

Kissed by bees, yes.
Serendipity & the Kindness of Strangers.
Loved Yoga to the People. Packed mat to mat literally… didn’t matter. People from all walks of life, payment or no… there was yoga. All bodies did rise. 
“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” ―Oscar Wilde